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Meet Porcupine, a sometimes grumpy sourpuss who has a lot of adventures and meets some great friends along the way. The books are written by Emilie Corbiere and illustrated by Cynthia Ciesielski.  The books are published by Red Road Publishing, an aboriginal owned company.

Emilie and Cynthia are cousins from Walpole Island First Nation, Ontario, Canada. The books are titled Porcupine's Bad Day, Porcupine Goes to the City, Porc and Beans, and newly released, Porcupine and the Powwow.

These books are written in part English and part Ojibwe for children aged 4-9 years old.

This website is dedicated to all of the kids that ask about Porcupine, such as where he lives, who draws him, who writes the stories about him and what he'll be doing next.

Cynthia Ciesielski

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